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Elif Turgut

ELIF TURGUT, PT PhD, Professor.

I am a physiotherapist and researcher at Hacettepe University, Dept. of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. 

Welcome to my personal website, where I regularly share with you my latest research on physiotherapy in sports and shoulder biomechanics, clinical experience in overhead athletes, and ideas about physiotherapy and rehabilitation, physical activity, health, fitness, sportive performance and skills, and sports medicine. My goal is to share what I have experienced over the years and what I am currently discovering today. 

 Sports Physiotherapists 
Ankara, Turkey




Me and my colleges are recently looking for new forms of treatments for patients with chronic shoulder pain. Recently, we have been very busy with the project "Effects of NEURAC treatment  on pain and disability in patients with shoulder pain". We are looking forward to share the results!

You may not hear about NEURAC yet. NEURAC is a treatment method that aims to restore functional and pain-free movement patterns through high levels of neuromuscular stimulation. The NEURAC treatment focuses on muscle interaction and the cause of the problems, not just the symptoms.

Our latest research was published in the September 2016 issue on Clinical Biomechanics. Clinical Biomechanics is an international multidisciplinary journal of biomechanics with a focus on medical and clinical applications of new knowledge in the field. 

Check out the article "Scapular asymmetry in participants with and without shoulder impingement syndrome; a three-dimensional motion analysis" at the journal webpage.

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